Ask Leslie: Can't We Just Fire An Accused Harasser And Be Done With It?

By Leslie Zieren, The McCalmon Group, Inc.

We have occasional reports of what is claimed to be sexual harassment, and we investigate, which is disruptive and time-consuming. Most of the time, it turns out to be just a boundary violation and really isn't severe or pervasive, but we recently had a report of obviously egregious behavior. Can't we just terminate the accused and skip the investigation?


It is important to have a sexual harassment prevention policy and practice that is consistent and shows your commitment to a harassment-free workplace. And, bear in mind that some states have a definition of harassment that does not require the unwelcomed behavior to be severe or pervasive.

Every report should be investigated and not pre-judged. Sometimes a victim will report only the bare minimum of facts to get the initial attention of management, only to reveal additional incidents of harassment when questioned by an investigator.

Some investigations will take longer than others, but each one should be thorough, prompt, and objective. Responding to each report in this way helps create a defense for you, should there be a harassment issue in your workplace. Investigate, find the facts, take corrective action on those facts, and protect those who participated in the investigation from retaliation.

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