What Employers Can Expect for 2019

The McCalmon Group examines all risks as they relate to the workplace. In the What Employers Can Expect for 2019 series of Risk Trends™, we examine what has happened in 2018 and combine it with our experience to make a prediction for 2019.

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15 Oct
A federal appeals court overrules its previous ERISA ruling based on an intervening Supreme Court case. Now forced arbitration can apply when a plan administrator is sued. Learn about the case.
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11 Oct
What do you think your employees would choose - more money or a casual dress code? You may be surprised. You make the call and join the conversation.
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10 Oct
New York's new law sets aside years of U.S. Supreme Court sex harassment precedent. In Part 1 of a 2-part Risk Trends™ podcast, Jack McCalmon notes what the changes mean for employers everywhere.
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