The Coaching And Management Value Of Weekly Meetings

Many managers feel like they don't have time to conduct regular coaching and review sessions with their employees. They may know these sessions are important but think it would be impossible to find time to do them on a routine basis.

Managers often find themselves constantly fighting fires, having to react or respond to situations that need their immediate attention. As a result, they settle for periodic short forecast discussions with their employees to check in briefly on their tasks or accounts.

Dave Brock, the President and CEO of the global consulting company Partners In EXCELLENCE, advises that the purpose of consistent reviewing and coaching sessions is to not have to fight fires anymore. Rather than trying to find the time for these sessions, managers must commit to making the time every week. Dave Brock ""I Don't Have Time To Coach/Do Reviews!" (Sep. 12, 2019).


Sit down with your employees and discuss what their ideas are for an effective weekly meeting. What do they need from you? What do you need from them? What is the most efficient way of getting to the crux of the matter? Would it help to receive documents ahead of the meeting? Would it save time and increase overall knowledge to work in a small group or are individual meetings best?  

By partnering with your employees to create effective meetings, you can save time and be a more effective manager. Routines help, so making time every week can encourage productivity. You may not see that you have time to do that right now, but if you invest the time with your employees in creating what an effective meeting would look like for them, you will find having a regularly scheduled meeting can become a useful tool.   

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